Water leaking into the rough openings and framing from faulty window and door installations or leaky windows, has caused tremendous damage to buildings large and small. The restoration and repair of this damage has created a crisis for owners, builders and insurance companies. The effect of window and door installation failure includes:
  • Warranty liability for builders.
  • Delays in construction.
  • Increased insurance premiums for builders and building owners.
  • Increased cost of home ownership to the general population.
Common window installation methods leave the opening susceptible to water intrusion even after carefully following detailed manufacturerís installation instructions and recognized trade organization procedures. These installation procedures are often difficult to follow with multiple steps and layers of products in an attempt to keep the water out. Increasing the complexity of the installation procedure has not reduced the incidence of water intrusion and damage.

Resulting from years of experience investigating and repairing water intrusion damage, Building Envelope Innovations, LLC (BEI), has developed a proven installation method and flashing material. Our Wet-Flash®, Liquid Applied Flashing System simplifies window and door installations - protecting the building from future water damage and saving installation time and material costs.

BEIís installation method involves coating the window or door opening with the Wet-Flash®, PM-7000 waterproof membrane; permanently bonding to a wide variety of construction materials under most construction site environments. Opaque when applied at the proper thickness of 12 mils, quality control and inspection is easily achieved. The window or door is then sealed to the rough opening on the interior side of the frame with an interior sealant joint using Wet-Flash® WS-7100 sealant. The Wet-Flash®, Liquid Applied Flashing System is incorporated into the weather resistant barrier system allowing any water from wind driven rain or other sources penetrating through leaky windows and siding/trim to exit away from the building via the drainage plane.

BEI's extensive product testing, even under extreme conditions, has proven Wet-Flash® to be durable and flexible with outstanding bond strength. Wet-Flash® is an air barrier yet semi-vapor permeable and will not contribute to mold or fungus formation. Once applied, the Wet-Flash® material can be exposed to weather indefinitely before or after window installation, opening up the construction schedule sequence.

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To see how the Wet-Flash®, Liquid Applied Flashing System can save your company and customers building costs and prevent future repair costs, contact us today.

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